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Registration is absolutely free. You need to have a valid email and click HERE to create account. Email need to be confirm to complete the registration.

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Sign up for our membership, you can

Premium Buyer vs Standard Buyer

Standard Buyer Premium Buye
Auto fill your name, email and phone
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Manage Enquiry
Manage the enquiry sent and received
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Favourites Business
Manage business saved
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Customerised newsletter, based on price, location, industry etc
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Free Consultation
Free consultation is available for both buy and sell business
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Business Contact
Name, contact number, emaill etc
Business Statistics
Date published, total enquiries received, lastest enquiry sent etc
Message Template
Customised tamplate to auto fill the enquiry send to the listing
Enquiries Prioritised
All enquiry sent will highlighted as "Premium Buyer", to let owner know you are serious buyer.
Priority Customer support
First priority to give our Premium Buyers for both phone and email.


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